Case Studies

Large Hotel Downtown

Challenge: A large consumer of natural gas and electrical power meant large utility bills. The Hotel consumed over 6 million kWh/year in electricity and 30,000 mcf/year in natural gas. Costs for maintaining the utilities in this Hotel were well over half a million dollars per year. With expansion and remodeling, the costs for these utilities were increasing.

Solution: ESI provided a consultative approach by first addressing the amount of consumption that was being used by the Hotel and reducing gas consumption by 42%. ESI strategically switched the Hotel’s gas utility and then matched this Hotel with a natural gas and electrical power supplier to reduce the commodity rates on their utility bills. The Hotel also participates in Demand Response, a program designed by ESI to voluntarily ‘shed load’ when needed. This program yields cash back on a quarterly basis.

Results: Annually, ESI saves this Hotel approximately $162,000 per year in utility costs and they receive approximately $14,000 per year in cash back for participating in the Demand Response program. The Hotel has saved over $2 Million in energy costs over the last ten years.


Property Owners and Managers

Challenge: Property Managers have the responsibility of maintaining all services for their properties, including energy services.   Property Managers, just like us, need to save money on their utility bills. Sometimes this savings can help the cost of rent or be used for building improvements.

Solution: ESI maintains a Property Management Program in which all properties are provided with low-cost rates on the commodity for both natural gas and electrical power. ESI consults with each Property Manager on how to reduce consumption or provide other specialized energy savings to groups such as: subsidized housing, elder care, condominiums, apartments, etc.. As new properties are acquired, ESI adds them to the Property Management Program to continue savings.

Results: ESI currently works with over fifteen different Property Owners and Managers. Over the years, ESI has not only saved them each thousands to millions of dollars in utility savings, but has also acted as their ongoing energy consultant.


The Corner Store

Challenge: A small corner pizza shop consumes about 750 mcf/year in natural gas and about 90,000 kWh/year in electrical power. Utility bills weren’t outrageous, but with a declining economy saving money is the key to endurance.

Solution: ESI worked with various suppliers to find a suitable match for this small business owner. ESI used a MarketWatch program to determine when the time was right for a contract, based on market conditions.

Result: The small pizza shop receives a savings of about $2,800/year in gas and electricity bills. As the economy recovers, this shop will benefit from having a long-term contract with fixed low rates so savings will continue year after year.



Challenges: Municipalities offer a unique challenge because they own and maintain much more than just buildings. Municipalities also pay the energy costs for traffic signals, street lights and parking lights. The larger the Municipality, the larger their energy costs. This Municipality consumed over 4 million kWh/year in electricity and over 8,000 mcf/year in natural gas.

Solution: ESI met with the Municipality and participated in several Board Council Meetings to analyze and discuss their budget situation. ESI then advised the Municipality on the best course of action. ESI matched every separate account with a specific supplier to maximize the most cost savings.

Result: The Municipality has saved about $79,000/year in energy costs (about $237,000/year over the life of the contract). The Municipality also participated in the Demand Response program for their Community Center and Water Treatment Plant which has yielded approximately $8,400/year in cash payments.

Extra: The Municipality asked for an Electricity Savings Program for their residents. ESI secured the lowest available rate on Duquesne Light and marketed the program via letters and online enrollments for the Municipality. This Program has over 3,000 residents enrolled, saving over $800,000 annually in energy costs.